Investing 101

New or Less Experienced Investors. Short-term trading, options and shorting stocks come with a great deal of risk. We wouldn’t suggest any of those investing methods until you establish a track record of disciplined investing. Instead, pick a few stocks you like for the longer-term and supplement those positions with ETFs (exchange traded funds) that diversify your portfolio with different types of securities. Examples include high-yield and investment grade bonds, gold, oil and other commodities, and emerging markets funds. Continue to read our posts on the markets and ask questions on any topics that are confusing or pique your interest. Keep in mind the time frame, though. Much of our market commentary deals with the very near-term. While this may be of personal interest to you, it’s not as relevant for long-term holdings.

Experienced Investors. If you have sufficient personal experience investing and trading your portfolio, please read our daily commentary and post your comments/thoughts. Do you agree with our analysis? Do you wholeheartedly disagree? We’d like to know. Healthy discourse and debate is an important part of investing. We’re constantly trying to prove our thesis wrong and your opinions are appreciated. But please keep it civil…

Understand Your Options

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