Three28Capital is dedicated to the comprehensive and continuous analysis of the markets. We provide weekly newsletters with our thoughts and insights on the markets as well as live commentary of the markets with a focus on technical analysis and chart pattern research.

We will also occasionally invite those with an expertise beyond our own in a certain field (private wealth advisory, alternative investments, risk management, etc.) to contribute articles that are relevant to our readers.


HISTORY: Three28Capital was created as a place where investors, new and old, can come to learn about investing and trading. Our goal is to create a community where members can learn about market internals, understand the larger forces working for and against small investors, and develop the tools necessary to independently decide when to buy and sell stocks.

We want our members to learn how to make informed investing decisions on their own. To accomplish that, we’ll provide continuously updated market commentary and invite financial professionals to contribute articles that will be useful and relevant to our investor community. We’ll document interesting set-ups and associated investment rationale in real-time through Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.


FOUNDER: David has been actively investing in and trading the markets for over a decade, and has been steadily shifting and adapting strategies over that time. Through self-study (and, more often, through making mistakes and learning through the process) he has utilized several dozen potential strategies to “beat” the markets. David has read books on fundamental analysis, corporate finance and accounting, stock picking, chart patterns, technical analysis, and (his personal favorite) market psychology.