Daily Archives: January 11, 2013

Fortune.com Includes Three28Capital’s iPad Estimates

January 11, 2013 (7:45 pm)

Another thanks to Philip Elmer-DeWitt (follow him on Twitter @philiped) for including our iPad estimates in his quarterly Apple analyst round-up. Our 25 million iPad estimate may prove to be conservative due to overwhelming demand for the new iPad mini; however, supply constraints may have limited their potential. While sales of the iPad 4 were likely very strong, most of the spotlight this quarter was on its smaller sibling. Let us know what you think of our 25 million iPad estimate in the comments. Have a good weekend.

Administrative Update: Portfolios, New Features and Investing 101

January 11, 2013 (7:30 pm)

We plan on updating our thoughts on the markets and current positioning of our three portfolios over the weekend (I promise the charts won’t change between now and Sunday!). For now, we’d like to give our readers a quick update as to where things stand.

Portfolios: We have updated the current positions, trading history and performance of each of the three portfolios. We will update these pages every Friday afternoon, as to not distract us from the more important tasks during the week. We compare our performance in each portfolio to the SPY and QQQ. By taking bearish positions during a market upswing, each of the portfolios has lost value over the last week. The Multi-Strategy Portfolio, which is designed to be the riskiest of the three, is currently down over 7%. As we explained on the portfolios overview page, we expect this portfolio to experience significant draw downs from time to time in order to achieve outsized returns.

Investing 101: We have introduced a new concept to Three28Capital.com. The Investing 101 section is dedicated to general investor education. We consolidated our ‘Investing Guidelines’ and ‘Technicals’ pages within the new section and have added a couple of new sections: ‘Risk Management’ and ‘Fundamentals’. We will continue to build out that part of the site and add to this knowledge center.

New Features: Yesterday, we featured an article that was contributed by a friend and fellow Apple investor (see the article here). We have received feedback that our readers found this useful and interesting and have more relevant articles in the pipeline. If you would like to contribute an article, please email us at three28capital@gmail.com.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the weekend.